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generation fit?

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Generation fit is all about combatting the lies of the fitness
industry so you can be equip yourself with the knowledge to succeed.   

Generation fit is a podcast dedicated to shedding light on science-based fitness and health information. The episodes can be as raw as it gets and are always helpful, knowledge-filled, and driven with the purpose of educating you, the listener. Your Hosts, Benji and Chris, bring with them a combined 15 years of experience as personal trainers and nutrition coaches. 

Our current generation de-values physical fitness and lives a sedentary lifestyle of sitting at a desk all day and eating whatever is convenient. Because of this, obesity, a lack of physical health, and mental health disorders are on the rise every year. The horrid state of modern physical health is getting even worse when coupled with a fitness industry packed with charlatans, fraudulent supplements, and misinformation that have the consumer spending more money and time to no avail. It is our goal to provide an entire generation with the antidote to this grave injustice and give you everything you need to know to live a physically fit and healthy life 

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