Navigating Fat Loss During The Holidays
Generation FitDecember 24, 2022
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Navigating Fat Loss During The Holidays

In this episode, Benji and Chris discuss how to navigate fat loss during the holidays so you can enjoy your festivities while staying on track with your goals. 

  • Benji and Chris discuss their favorite holiday deserts (0:58
  • The two discuss their favorite Christmas movies (2:56)
  • What are Benji and Chris’ favorite parts/memories about the holidays (5:11
  • Dieting problem #1 during the holidays: People overeat and underestimate how many calories they eat (9:49
  • Solutions to overeating and underestimating during the holiday festivities (12:37
  • How to plan ahead of holiday meals so you don’t have to stress about not being able too eat enough (15:01)
  • Dieting problem #2 during the holidays: Holiday themed food always being readily available throughout holiday parties and events (19:02
  • Setting up the proper psychological framework for eating holiday treats that are conventionally considered to be “unhealthy” (20:50)
  • Combatting drinking excess calories (22:31)
  • Dieting problem #3 during the holidays: Peer pressure to cave in and stop your positive dieting habits (25:32
  • The power of telling people who are trying to peer pressure you into ruining your diet that you are engaging in a challenge (26:38)
  • Dieting problem #4 during the holidays: Lack of awareness and simply not paying attention to what they’re eating (30:53)
  • Plan to consciously eat snacks as apart of full meals to be more aware of what you’re eating (32:11
  • 1 out of 4000 meals from the year won’t ruin your progress. Enjoy the holiday’s, don’t stress about it! (34:13)

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