Back Building Masterclass
Generation FitJanuary 26, 2023
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Back Building Masterclass

In this episode, Benji and Chris discuss EVERYTHING pertaining to your back training and how to make the most of it.

  • Benji and Chris run through the anatomy of the back (1:07
  • What role do your genetics play in your training and overall back development? (6:18)
  • Volume: How many sets should you for for back per week? (10:30)
  • Intensity: How much weight should you use and how much effort should you exert in your back training? (13:00)
  • Frequency: How many days a week should you train your back? (20:40)
  • Exercise selection: which are the best exercises for your back? (26:21)
  • Technique: how to feel your back to yield the best results (28:03)
  • How to train for back width vs back thickness and how grip width influences this (34:55)
  • Target different areas of your back with your elbow position (38:30)
  • Should you use straps during your back movements? (40:22)
  • Are deadlifts a food back exercise and should they count as a back or hamstring movement? (43:48)
  • Biggest back training mistakes that people make (45:47)
  • Free weights vs machines for back training (54:40)

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Jay Cutler

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John Meadows

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