7 Fatal Dieting Mistakes That's Keeping You Fat
Generation FitDecember 15, 2022
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7 Fatal Dieting Mistakes That's Keeping You Fat

In this episode, Chris and Benji discuss 7 fatal dieting mistakes that's keeping you fat and what you can do about it.

  • Chris shares his fitness story, and how he met Benji (00:28)
  • Benji shares his background and how he got involved in lifting (2:27)
  • The meaning behind the name, "Generation Fit" (5:38)
  • The importance of eating more protein and what happens if you don't (8:40)
  • Why you should be getting more fiber in your diet (12:53)
  • The underestimation of calories and how you can fix this (16:37)
  • Lack of nutritional awareness and how easy it can be to change this (20:30)
  • Just because you eat lots of "healthy" foods doesn't mean you'll automatically lose weight (23:28)
  • The dangers of yo-yo dieting and how it destroys your metabolism (24:54)
  • Being too strict with your diet and following the 80:20 rule instead so you can enjoy your favorite foods (27:43)
  • Focusing on the scale too much and confusing weight, muscle, and fat (33:19)
  • Can you out-exercise a bad diet? (39:21)

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  • Stan Efferding (@stanefferding) Instagram
  • Mark Haub (@Haub_KSU) Twitter

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