6 Beginner Gym Mistakes That's Killing Your Gains
Generation FitDecember 22, 2022
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6 Beginner Gym Mistakes That's Killing Your Gains

In this episode, Chris and Benji discuss 6 beginner gym mistakes that are very common and how you can avoid them to see the best results from your hard work in the gym. 

  • Benji and Chris discuss the importance of eliminating bad form and ego lifting for optimal results and avoidance of injury (0:28
  • The myth of shocking the muscle - why you don’t need to endlessly switch exercises for a given muscle group week-to-week (5:46)
  • Why you need to stop prioritizing isolation movements over compound movements (10:49
  • The compound movement for biceps that cause gymnasts to have HUGE arms (14:46)
  • Doing too much (sets, weight, exercises, days, etc) too soon as a beginner (15:58)
  • Junk volume and understanding the stimulus-recovery-adaptation curve (17:45)
  • Reasons you shouldn’t follow single body-part splits, also known as “bro splits” (22:24)
  • Consistency is more important than anything else. Consistency beats a perfect plan that you can’t adhere to (28:42)
  • Following these tips mean nothing if you don’t focus on good diet, sleep, and rest habits. You grow outside of the gym when you’re recovering, not when you’re in the gym working out. (32:54

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