12 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in The New year
Generation FitJanuary 02, 2023
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12 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in The New year

In this episode, Benji and Chris discuss New Year’s Resolutions and various tips and tricks you can use to stay oriented towards your goals 

  • Benji and Chris discuss their thoughts on New year’s Resolutions and wether or not they have any (1:15)
  • Common mistakes people make when setting goals(6:24
  • The importance of setting a valuable goal (8:51)
  • Tip #1: Break your goals into smaller parts so the magnitude of your goal doesn’t crush you (15:19)
  • Tip #2: Follow the 85% rule to stay motivated as your pursuit your goals (17:29)
  • Brief history the study of human psychological as it relates to goal setting and the acronyms that have been made over the years (19:45)
  • Becoming aware of your bad habits first and an easy exercise you can do to see how much time you may be wasting throughout the day (23:32
  • Tip #3: Make an obvious schedule to avoid procrastination and limit your ability to be dishonest with yourself (25:00)
  • Tip #4: Change your environment and declutter so you’re not distracted by multiple things (27:56)
  • Tip #5: Joining a group or community that holds you accountable (32:16)
  • Focusing your eyes (or mind) on a more precise point makes you more likely to reach your destination (36:42)
  • Tip #6: Fixate your eyes on a tiny object or spec for 30-60 seconds before starting something related to your goals (40:28)
  • What is delayed discounting and how it messes up your ability to reach your goals (41:08
  • Tip #7: Visualizing failure is a far better sustained motivator then visualizing success (44:29)
  • Jordan Peterson’s written exercise for becoming a better version of you (46:39)
  • Tip #8: Using the “anti-bet” to ensure you achieve your goal (48:38)
  • Tip #9: Only set 1-2 main goals per year (51:15)
  • Tip #10: Make your goal moderately difficult (53:02)
  • Understanding dopamine and the dopamine reward-prediction error (55:42)
  • Tip #11: Prioritize daily systems and micro-habits over measuring your progress towards your your macro goal (56:37)
  • Tip #12: Have a positive perception as to why you are trying to achieve a given goal (58:56)
  • Bonus Tip: Ways to increase dopamine (1:00:05)
  • Compare yourself to who YOU were the day before (1:00:46)

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